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When Impackedful Creative was founded, the owner Natalie Johnson wanted it to be about more than just helping brands strategically stand out. She wanted this company to unleash creativity for a cause. By meshing her passion for branding and helping those in need, Impackedful was formed and now helps businesses strategically make an impact in their industry and in this world.

Impackedful strives to make an impact one creative concept at a time. We do so by:

  • donating a portion of profits

  • sponsoring children in need

  • packing and serving meals

  • volunteering across the globe


1. Visual Genius in Action


Bringing an extensive brand-building experience to the table that ensures your project outcomes align with your ideal audience and separate you from the competition. 

2. Creativity for a Cause


Donating a portion of all profits to organizations that support those in need, directly tying your brand to initiatives that impact the greater good.

3. Customized Solutions


Believing brands aren’t cookie cutter, and therefore undergoing an individualized strategy to accurately capture your business essence and key brand goals.

4. Agility and Efficiency


Leveraging a streamlined process that enables us to unlock your brand power and harness it through visual elements that pack a punch.


Childrens cup logo


1. Vision: 


To make an impact, one creative concept at a time.

2. Mission: 


To provide visual branding services that unleash a company’s creativity while making an impact. A portion of all profits are donated to fill hungry bellies, leaving those in need saying, “I am packed full”. Together we can make an impact.

3. Brand Goal:


To assist you in achieving powerful return on investment and return on impact with a purpose-driven brand that creatively sets your business apart.


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